RYLA Leadership for Teens 2014

RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) 2014 posterThe Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
will be held April 11-13, 2014 at Camp Kern

Each spring, local Rotary Clubs partner with local school districts to select one or more High School sophomores and juniors (Award Winners) to attend a leadership development program known as RYLA, which stands for Rotary Youth Leadership Awards.

This camp is a terrific 48 hour Leadership training event for your Award Winners. In 2014, the program is scheduled from April 11-13, 2014. The location is Camp Kern YMCA Leadership & Conference Center in Oregonia OH.

This Camp is part of Rotary’s New Generations initiative to engage Rotarians in the lives of developing youth. The Leadership Camp will feature several outdoor challenges, critical thinking exercises, and motivational speakers. Students will need to come prepared for physical activity and be dressed appropriately (April weather can be challenging). They are also required to attend the ENTIRE camp. Please note: 100% of the cost of the camp is covered by your sponsoring Rotary Club. It is a special honor and opportunity for students who receive this RYLA award. We want to to make the most of this opportunity, for an extremely low cost to your club. Use it to promote your club! Use it to engage club memebrs in working with youth!

We have 52 Rotary Clubs within our District 6670 in southwest Ohio, so this program pulls a cross section of students from many school districts. Last year, over 50 Ohio High Schools were represented.

We will only accept 100 students for this program which is an honor and privilege to be selected. The important items to remember are:

 We only have 100 spots

 Students must arrive between 12:30 and 1:00pm on April 11, and should be picked up at 12 noon on April 13 (Closing Ceremony starts at 11:15am)

 Registration is due by March 1, 2014

 The students have to commit to attend the ENTIRE camp

 Students can be transported to and from Camp Kern by Rotarians, or family members, but are not permitted to drive themselves. No cars are allowed at Camp Kern for safety purposes

 The students need to dress appropriate for outdoor activities

 Cabins are separated by male/female and are supervised at all times by male and female Rotary Advisors

Please work with your Rotary contact to select your students and send their applications, health forms and waivers along with their fee (paid by Rotary) to the District Chair, Carol Hughes, at 245 Dalfaber Lane, Springboro OH 45066, by March 1, 2014.

Questions can also be answered by calling 937-251-3333 or emailing Carol at carolhughes6@gmail.com.

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